Sea park-Albena
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Sea park-Albena

SEA ADVENTURES Sea Park – Albena consists of commercial inflatables, linked together by all-purpose inflatable runways. The whole park is set up in the shallows of the sea (the swimming zone), ranging from 0.60m to 1.30m depth. There are different attractions: water slides, water trampolines, water seesaws etc. (see under ‘Attractions’), wholly inflatable and produced from strong 3-ply vinyl. The large size and the sturdiness of the inflatables allows for simultaneous use by many (30 and more) customers. This makes playing even more exciting and engaging for the young adventurers. The linking runways allow for quick movement between attractions, as well as organising group games and competitions. Standardized linking allows for different configurations of the attractions which makes the sea park even more fun! It is absolutely safe for you and your children: all parts are inflatable (there are no hard parts). The life-guards who work in the water park and the madatory use of life-jackets for young children are additional measures for you safety. We have designed and set up our sea park taking extra care for child safety. We pay attention to each of the children and help them find the games that bring them joy and improve their skills. Lovingly and caringly, we give our little children loads of happy moments, sea play, laughter and fun in an interesting and unique absolutely safe environment.
With us you can enjoy the full range of water attractions and sports: aqua rocket, banana, fly fish, jet ski, water ski, windsurf. You can try water sports for the first time with the help of our instructors. You can feel the adrenaline and the emotions that come with high speed. You can give way to the tantalizing waves of the sea and let them impress you with unforgettable memories from the summer holiday.
                                                                           A magical place at the seaside.
                                                  A real island of entertainment and carefree bliss for all the family.

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Sea park-Albena